Why Cotton Candy Isn't As Unhealthy As You Think It Is

Since we’ve talked about how *somewhat* healthy popcorn is, you already know that we’re here to talk about the health benefits of cotton candy also. To clarify ah, cotton candy is still considered candy at the end of the day. We don’t need to remind you what the effects of high sugar consumption are hor? If you’ve forgotten, they are toothaches, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many more. Yeah, not the outcomes you should look forward to.

However, if you eat cotton candy in a normal amount or with other foods, you can actually improve your health. No, we’re not siao. Turns out some scientists and health professionals have discovered that this classic sweet treat comes with many nutritional benefits. We want to share this good news with y’all too, so here are the reasons why cotton candy can echerly be good for you.

1. Promote longevity

This point we also surprised. Who would have thought that eating cotton candy or any candy, in general, could increase our lifespans? In a scientific study, people who frequently eat candies (let’s say about one or two times a week, or you can just agak agak) have been found to live longer than those who don’t eat candies at all. This might be due to the antioxidant – phenol – present in cotton candies, which helps to protect our bodies from certain diseases and cancers. Therefore, for those wanting to live longer on this earth ah, cotton candy might get the trick done.

2. Increase production of blood vessels

We feel like people don’t appreciate blood vessels enough. Just imagine ah. If our blood vessels aren’t healthy or our bodies lack them, our organs cannot function as they should. How scary, right? As such, we need to boost our circulatory system to enhance our brain health, heal wounds faster, and keep our hearts healthy, to name a few. Fortunately, for those who suffer from weak capillaries or poor blood circulation, you can create more blood vessels in your body by eating cotton candy.

Now, this does not mean that you dunnid to see a doctor anymore ah. Don’t be so geh kiang because cotton candy is not a proven medication and is simply a food that may be of help.

3. Lower stress levels

Some people might already see this coming. Eating candies is one of the most effective and easiest ways to be more content, and this applies to taking cotton candy as well. This is because the hormone that makes us feel stressed –  glucocorticoid – will be reduced when we consume candies. No need to say Singapore is a stressful country, so if you’ve been feeling unhappy or tired lately, consider treating yourself to a tub of shiok cotton candy. What’s more, when we chew, serotonin – the chemical that raises our happiness level – will be increased. Swee!


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