Your Popcorn & Cotton Candy Specialist

Every time you eat Uncle DiDi’s popcorn and cotton candy ah, you make us sibeh happy leh!

We’ve spent so much of our time and effort, since 2018, to create the perfect snacks that we believe will bring joy to you. Because hor, we want to be more than just a business mah – we want to be the ones to make you smile with the popcorn and cotton candy we prepare!

For several years, you might have come across our pop-up stalls at malls and events around Singapore. Actually ah, you might have smelt the aroma of our freshly made popcorn or seen our creative cotton candy being created lah! Wah, if you smell our popcorn being made right, you sure cannot tahan and will want to try also!

Where to find us?

Uncle DiDi’s is also located at Hillion Mall and NEWest, so if you are there, and you get that amazing aroma of popcorn, you know it is us lah! You can also order on e-commerce platforms, including Lazada, GrabMart and Shopee – we’ve made it easy for you to get your popcorn and cotton candy snacks and treats leh, so make sure you check us out ok?

Why Uncle DiDi’s?

Aiya actually, Uncle DiDi’s was founded by two “uncles”, who are lovingly known as DiDi (younger brother) at home – so we wanted our business to be reflective of who we are lah! We want you to remember us as the Uncles who bring you your favourite snacks, ALWAYS!

What makes Uncle DiDi’s so special, you ask?

Eh, don’t forget ya, we are all about joy and fun! That’s why you see us creating some of the most unique popcorn and cotton candy flavours in Singapore mah. Pandan, lychee, gula melaka, brown sugar, and so much more – we believe if we can imagine it, we can create our popcorn and cotton candy with it!

You know ah, we’ve dedicated our heart and soul into formulating our popcorn and cotton candy leh. Because hor, we want to continue bringing you super shiok flavours such as Milo Dark Chocolate popcorn and Pandan cotton candy mah! In fact, we are the first in Singapore to offer our customers a popular local favourite flavour, Ondeh-Ondeh popcorn – infused with just the right balance of pandan, gula melaka and coconut you know! Eh, don’t say we don’t understand you hor? We are 100% Singaporean uncles la hor (can’t you tell from our Singlish?), and we love creating snacks with local flavours! We spend our time testing different ingredients leh, just to make sure that what we sell hits your sweet spot!

And you know what the best part is? We don’t just make our snacks and treats yummy, we make them affordable so EVERYONE can enjoy mah! Even better, if you want, we can also deliver our popcorn and cotton candy snacks and treats to your house leh!

Just order thru our website or from your favourite shopping platform Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10 and we’ll send them to your doorsteps! So don’t worry lah, if there is a party going on at home, or you want to Netflix all night long, or make that boring office meeting a bit more exciting, just remember Uncle DiDi’s and we will send you the best popcorn snacks and cotton candy in Singapore!

Your favourite Uncles are determined to bring you the flavours you will love, and snacks you will truly enjoy, so you can always count on us lah to share something new with you!

Don’t say bojio!


To spread joy and fun through our snacks!


To provide a delicious and affordable alternative to our client’s munching needs, lovingly prepared to ignite taste buds.