Uncle DiDi Goes Halal: A Delicious Experience for Everyone

Wah, fellow foodies! You know or not, Uncle DiDi already doing business since 2018? That’s true leh! Because of your support, we’ve been on the rise for the past few years. Uncle DiDi put in a lot of hard work and sweat to make the best snacks for you all leh. And now, we’ve levelled up: Uncle DiDi got halal-certified liao! Power lah!

What Is Halal Certification?

Firstly, let’s start with the basics. Halal food refers to food that is permissible for Muslims to eat under Islamic dietary laws. So, when we say “halal food”, it’s not only about what Muslims can eat, but also how it is prepared and handled. For example, according to halal rules, haram (prohibited) food and drinks such as pork or alcohol cannot be consumed, and animals must be slaughtered in a specific way.

Then, there’s also halal certification. Basically, it’s a procedure to check if the food or product is in line with Islamic dietary laws. Usually, a halal certifying body does this inspection, and they check everything — from the ingredients to the way it’s prepared, cooked, and handled. In Singapore, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) is the authority responsible for halal certification, ensuring that the entire food preparation process follows the halal rules.

Once the product or food is halal certified, it can have a special halal logo or symbol. This shows that it is safe for consumption according to Islamic dietary laws.

Uncle DiDi’s Journey to Halal Certification

Uncle DiDi decided to get halal certification because we believe in being inclusive and ensuring that everyone can enjoy our snacks without worrying about the ingredients or preparation methods.

There are multiple steps to go through to get a halal certification in Singapore. First, we checked and ensured all our products and processes complied with the strict halal requirements. Can’t have no haram ingredients or methods after all.

Then, we submitted an application to MUIS, and it’s not just some simple application lah. It was detailed and thorough, explaining everything about our products and processes.

After that, MUIS will conduct an audit to double-check everything. They’ll review everything from the ingredients used to how it’s manufactured, stored, and transported, and even check the labelling to make sure it’s all legit. If we pass the audit and meet all the requirements, we will receive the halal certification and can put the halal logo on our products. This way, our Muslim friends can be assured that the products they consume comply with Islamic law.

So, you see lah, it’s a long and important process to make sure that products are halal certified. But at the end of the day, it’s worth it. Uncle DiDi is proud to announce that we got awarded the halal certification for all our products. Power ah!

What Does Halal Certification Mean for Uncle DiDi’s Customers?

For our Muslim friends, it means that they can enjoy our shiok popcorn and cotton candy without any worries about the ingredients or how we prepare them. Confirm plus chop halal — free from any haram ingredients, like pork or alcohol, and prepared according to Islamic dietary laws.

For the rest of us, it means we can share and makan with our Muslim friends and colleagues, knowing that the food’s halal-certified and legit for all to eat.

Uncle DiDi always guarantee customer happiness and satisfaction one, so if you got any questions or not sure about our halal certification or products, just ask our staff. We are happy to help you anytime and make sure you enjoy your time with us, so no need to shy-shy!


Wah, Uncle DiDi got halal-cert hor! We really wanted to make sure everyone can enjoy our snacks, no matter what while giving the best shiok experience possible. Uncle DiDi also wanna say thank you to all you people for supporting us and giving us feedback. We cannot wait to share more fun moments and yummy snacks with all of you lah!

If you got the munchies for some halal-certified snacks, come and try Uncle DiDi’s popcorn! With a range of flavours like classic salted popcorn, sweet caramel, and even Milo Dinosaur, there’s a flavour for every popcorn lover! And if you have a sweet tooth, our cotton candy is sure to satisfy your cravings with unique flavours like strawberry, blueberry, and even lychee.

So, whether you’re a fan of sweet or savoury snacks, there’s something for everyone at Uncle DiDi’s. Come come, don’t miss out on our special cotton candy and gourmet popcorn in Singapore!