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Mermaid Tub Cotton Candy


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Not one, not two but THREE flavours leh! All in one tub! If you like your sweet cotton candy with a tinge of sour hor, then choose our Mermaid Tubs! Mango, grape and green apple – all so pretty and tasty!

Shiok sia! What you waiting for? Don’t say bojio!



Yes, you heard it right! The Mermaid Tub consists of three summer flavours – Mango, Grape and Pandan. One bite of these sweet sensational cotton candy can bring you to cloud nine! Fluffy flavours that showcase an aesthetic mix of purple, green and orange, this zesty treat is not only refreshing but sweet enough to satisfy your taste buds. A perfect combination that entices children and adults alike, give this whimsical confection a try!

At Uncle DiDi’s, we are all about the flavours! Discover a range of assorted flavoured cotton candy that you’ll love! We also cater for personal and corporate events, so do reach out to our team here.

And we are now Halal Certified!


Sugar, Natural flavouring and permitted food colours



Single Flavour? Multiple Flavours?

Choose between a tub featuring just one single flavour, or enjoy sampling our assorted cotton candy in our tri-flavoured tubs! We leave it up to you if you’d like to share it or simply enjoy them by yourself!

Keep Your Cotton Candy Fresh

Our cotton candy is packaged in air-tight containers and can last up to 2 weeks if unopened and properly stored, though we doubt it will still be there after a few days!

However, if you are stocking up on our cotton candy, please keep them in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

We best recommend for opened tubs to be consumed within 3 days.


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