100% Fresh Pre-Packaged Cotton Candy in Singapore

Birthday parties, movies, or just a snack to nibble at home. Honestly ah, there is no specific reason to eat cotton candy. As long as you have a craving, go ahead and take a tub of cotton candy floss to satisfy your sweet tooth lah. This once-traditional carnival treat is beloved by everyone for its airy, light texture that instantly melts in your mouth.

Take a look at our range of cotton candy flavours below; all come pre-packaged, which you can buy online or from our store in SG!

Why Choose Uncle DiDi’s Cotton Candy?

As Singapore’s favourite uncles, we have a “never say die” attitude. Regardless of how insane a flavour may sound, we try our best to bring those flavours to life! This is why you can always find us testing and formulating cotton floss mah. There are truly no limits to our imagination!

What’s more, despite being pre-packaged cotton candy, that does not mean it is not fresh ah! We always cook and prepare our candy floss daily, which you may smell when visiting our store.

Where To Buy Uncle DiDi’s Cotton Candy?

You can buy our 100% fresh pre-packaged cotton candy online on our website or ecommerce sites: Lazada, GrabMart, and Shopee. Likewise, you can also come down to our store in SG at Hillion Mall and NEWest.

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