Mushroom Vs. Butterfly Popcorns: What Makes Them Different?

We may think that all popcorns are and look the same with a glance nia. Well, we cannot be more wrong as there are actually two different types of popcorn – Mushroom and Butterfly. While knowing the differences between these two popcorn types may just be a little trivial, for all those popcorn aficionados out there, this is some crucial information. Besides, having this knowledge can also be good for you. Let’s say you have thick skin ah, you can show off all these popcorn facts to your friends. Confirm you’ll be seen as a popcorn expert, we assure you.

As your favourite uncle hor, we have made your life easier by splitting the categories to allow you to have a better understanding of how to differentiate between mushroom and butterfly popcorns. Aiyah, it’s hard to explain here, so just read below, and you’ll get what we mean.


This one is the easiest when it comes to identifying whether a popcorn is a mushroom or butterfly. Once you get the hang of it ah, you can immediately see the difference without having to analyse the popcorn like a detective. The thing is, the kernels look relatively similar between the two leh, so the difference lies after the popcorn has popped.

  • Mushroom popcorn: In essence, mushroom popcorn is much larger and rounder in shape. Think somewhat like your portobello mushroom liddat. No wonder it’s called mushroom popcorn lah. After the kernels have popped, mushroom popcorn should look like a ball and possess a rough surface.
  • Butterfly popcorn: On the other hand, mushroom popcorn has protrusions at the side that resemble wings. The kernels pop into an open shape that has more surface area, with nooks and crannies here and there. Due to its appearance, you can also call butterfly popcorn “snowflake popcorn”.


Appearance is just appearance, but you know what’s more important? Texture lah, as it contributes to how the popcorn actually tastes like. This is where some people can be quite on the ball one ah. If they don’t like a specific texture, they may not like that popcorn at all.

  • Mushroom popcorn: For those who like a firmer and chewier popcorn texture, mushroom popcorn will no doubt be your favourite. No question asked. As the surface of the popcorn already looks rougher, it makes sense that the popcorn is denser and feels heavier overall. This is also why mushroom popcorn won’t go stale as fast, so you can tapao without worry.
  • Butterfly popcorn: Since mushroom popcorn is firmer and denser, butterfly popcorn is its lighter, delicate, and airier counterpart, and if popped just right, it offers that super shiok crispy texture. That being said, butterfly popcorn has a short shelf life, especially if you never properly store it, so do keep in mind hor.


Cannot deny unseasoned popcorn is the healthiest, but what’s a snack without all your favourite flavourings? At the end of the day, both popcorn types are equally delicious, so it depends on how you prefer and like your popcorn to taste like.

  • Mushroom popcorn: Mushroom popcorn is extremely sturdy, making it suitable for heavier coatings, such as chocolate, caramel, or cheese. You can also feel free to agak agak your flavourings without having to risk your popcorn getting soggy or losing its shape. If you ask us, mushroom popcorn is the way to go lah if you want your popcorn to be super flavourful.
  • Butterfly popcorn: As mentioned above, butterfly popcorn has these nooks and crannies, allowing them to catch onto seasonings better. Seasonings and flavourings are two different things eh. The former is more for salt, sugar, butter, etc.


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