5 Quirky Facts About Cotton Candy To Sweeten Your Day

Come to think of it, there’s truly no other candy like cotton candy. Let’s see, which candy has a fluffy and cloud-like appearance and comes in a sweet pastel colour? No right? That’s why cotton candy has a special place in our hearts – loved by both young and old. While most of us will associate cotton candy with carnivals and events, there’s truly no right or wrong time to eat it lah. If you feel like snacking on cotton candy, you don’t need to be so paiseh. Just grab it, no one will judge you.

Since we have talked about the fun facts about popcorn, why not shine a spotlight on cotton candy as well? This sweet treat deserves an article all to itself, so here’s some unique trivia about cotton candy.

1. Cotton candy was invented by a dentist

Talk about irony, amirite? Even though many dentists around the world will agree that cotton candy or any other candy is not exactly good for our oral health (this one don’t say, we also know lah), cotton candy was, in fact, created by a dentist.

The cotton candy machine was a joint project between doctor William James Morrison and candy maker John C. Wharton. In 1887, the candy machine was introduced to the public at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, which was then the world’s largest fair. At that time eh, cotton candy was made by melting sugar and sifting it through a fine screen.

2. The tallest candy floss measured 5.45 metres

Whenever we think of the Guinness World Records, we think of important accomplishments, like the longest-serving democratic leader (who is no other than Kuan Yew, by the way) and other more significant entries. Then there are the boliao ones – the accomplishments that are honestly weird and just recorded for fun. Well, you should know lah, the tallest cotton candy surely belongs in the latter category.

Measuring 5.45 metres, the tallest candy floss was made to life in Feldkirchen, Lower Bavaria, in Germany, on 13 July 2013. The event was organised by SV Feldkirchen-Mitterhartshausen eV, alongside the TV programs Abenteuer Leben and Kabel Eins. To this day, they remain undefeated, though you’re more than welcome to come and beat their record.

3. A strand of cotton candy is thinner than human hair

On average, the diameter of human hair measures roughly 0.1 millimetres thick, which is also the size of a piece of paper. Unless you’re super heng and blessed with thicker hair, then that number is higher lah. Turns out a single strand of cotton candy is thinner than 0.1 millimetres leh, measuring 50 microns. To put it into perspective so y’all don’t get confused, that’s like two-thousandths of an inch. Shocking hor?

4. Cotton candy has many names

Cotton candy is called cotton candy in Singapore and the United States, but they have different names in other countries. Talk about making our lives difficult ah. For example, in Finland and Australia, cotton candy is called “fairy floss”. The French people call it “dad’s beard”, Greeks named it “grandma’s hair”, and to Norwegians, it is called “sugar spin”. Cannot deny lah, some of the names sound cute, while others are a little bizarre. Apparently, people have an obsession with naming cotton candy after a human’s features.

5. Cotton candy is used for scientific research

Not research about diet or anything to do with our oral health, but research about our capillary system. Leon Bellan, a mechanical engineer at Vanderbilt University, found out that the strands of cotton candy are relatively similar in size to our red blood cells. From there, he wants to create artificial blood cells using cotton candy fibres to form a capillary network macam like in our own bodies. Wah, liddat oso can, considering how far technology and science have evolved.


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