4 Ways To Extend The Shelf Life Of Your Popcorn

Nothing is worse than finding out your popcorn has become stale and soggy. While some people may enjoy a softer texture for their popcorn (*silently judging you*), fresh and crunchy popcorn is where it’s at. No room for argument hor. However, we all know that sometimes, it’s impossible to finish that entire bag of popcorn immediately lah, unless you’re sharing it with someone. In this case, bopian have to store the popcorn away to eat it in the future.

This is where many people make mistakes, resulting in their popcorn going bad and no longer shiok. As such, if you want to prolong the shelf life of your popcorn so you can continue your snacking adventure, the tips below may be of help. Now, you cannot say we never tell you ah!

1. Store in an airtight container

This is arguably the number one mistake everybody makes – not sealing their bag of popcorn correctly. If the popcorn comes in a container, the lid is not tightly closed, allowing air to dry out the food. Over time, you’ll have stale popcorn that has lost all its moisture and does not offer that satisfying crunch. To avoid this, we recommend being a bit kiasu and making sure that the popcorn is entirely covered. Use plastic wrap and cover the top of the container to create an additional airtight seal. Yes, it’s an extra step, but we can all agree that anything is worth it for fresh popcorn, right?

2. Allow popcorn to cool down

Before sealing the bag or container, you want to ensure that your popcorn is not hot or warm. If you were to store hot food in an airtight container, confirm plus chop the food will spoil and be inedible. This is because the hot popcorn produces steam, which gets trapped in the container, causing excess moisture to dry out the popcorn. In worst-case scenarios, mould may even grow on the popcorn. Thus, to make your life easier, don’t be so kan cheong and wait for your popcorn to cool down before storing it.

But honestly ah, you don’t ever have to worry about this point when you purchase with Uncle DiDi. As we already make sure that our popcorn is cooled down, all you have to do is just sit back, enjoy, and then store your popcorn as it is. See, this shows how much we care.

3. Avoid direct sunlight

Lai lai, it’s time for some science lessons. Don’t worry, we’ll explain using layman’s terms, so everybody can understand. Why should we store our popcorn away from sunlight, you might ask? Well, it’s got to do with warmth and its negative effects on corn, the primary ingredient of popcorn. When corn is under direct sunlight, it suffers from extreme heat stress, resulting in its kernels being puffed up, swollen, and discoloured. What’s more, there’s a higher risk of bacteria growing, leading to us being sick, which is really jialat lah.

4. Freeze popcorn in the freezer

We want to stress that popcorn should never ever be put in the fridge ah. Storing in an airtight container and at room temperature is already good enough and does the trick. However, let’s say you xia suay and get your hands on a low-quality popcorn that’s not from Uncle DiDi. In this case, freezing your popcorn may be useful. You can do so by grabbing a plastic wrap and securing the lid.

With Uncle DiDi, we take away another problem for you as our popcorn already comes in airtight containers. Therefore, your popcorn eating experience doesn’t have to be so mafan, in which you have to purchase additional containers or put into a freezer.


At Uncle DiDi, you can always look forward to high-quality popcorn as our popcorn is cooked and prepared freshly each day, with authentic ingredients and coming in a wide range of innovative flavours. If you’re looking to buy sweet popcorn or salted popcorn in Singapore, Uncle DiDi is the place for you. Find us on online platforms like Shopee and Lazada or at our outlets in Hillion Mall and NEWest for those who really cannot wait.