Sweet Success: The Rise Of Uncle DiDi's Popcorn And Cotton Candy

Everybody has a story, and Uncle DiDi is no different. You thought I was just a store outlet ah? No lah! Our name has a rich history, one that goes beyond business economies and boring numbers. The core of Uncle DiDi is our heart.

Cue sad violin music…

No lah, no need to get emotional! Uncle DiDi is a winner, all thanks to you. Lai lai, come with us as we share our truly Singaporean story.

The Start of Uncle DiDi

It started with a pop… corn. And cotton candy, of course! Have a bad day, buy popcorn, feel a little better liao. These two snacks have always held a special place in our founders’, Caleb’s and Wilson’s, hearts. The pair find joy and fun in these simple treats. They are home-grown Singaporean uncles to the max and approach life in a simple way: as much as possible, share joy and fun. Can see, right?

This rang true when a business idea failed to launch. It was a sad day for our DiDis (younger brothers, as they are called at home), but they had to push forward lorh. Our founders fought off gloomy days by selling homemade popcorn and cotton candy to the public. They held on to happiness by bringing fun food to the masses.

It’s the nostalgia lah. Having salted popcorn on a cool night out at the movies or cotton candy to sweeten your day in the Singapore heat: these are childhood snacks that provide the comfort we need after a long day.

Through the years, their mission for Uncle DiDi has stayed the same: provide you with delicious yet affordable snacks. It’s all a part of the company’s vision of share joy and fun, starting the day they first sold their homemade snacks to the public. Who would’ve thought a business failure could change their lives for the better? A blessing in disguise sia!

But there was one problem.

Challenges Faced

As successful as selling their homemade treats was, our founders had no experience in the F&B industry and no clue about the manufacturing process behind creating their own snacks. And yet, they were determined to sell. A bit risky, right?

Wrong. Aiya, never mind lah! Our Didis are brave.

Caleb and Wilson bought some second-hand equipment off Carousell and dove into selling their now-signature gourmet popcorn and cotton candy at a mall event. With snacks from wholesalers to resell, they were sure to make a profit, right?

Wrong, again. They couldn’t sell off what they had bought and suddenly found themselves deep in debt. A sad CNY eve in 2019 greeted them with less than $10 in cash and no food in the fridge. Their fearless risk suddenly felt like a blow to the face. If their products had sold before, why wasn’t this working now?

That’s when it hit them. Their major successes all came from their popcorn and cotton candy. The Singaporean audience loved these two treats. It was time to stick to what they knew.

Finding Mainstream Success

Our founders made a decision: turn losses into lessons lah! They focused on selling only popcorn and cotton candy at Uncle DiDi’s, with a focus on capturing the true Singaporean spirit within their own recipes. But what makes us stand out? Uncle DiDi isn’t just any other popcorn shop in Singapore hor! Gourmet popcorn is our speciality, and we have a good mix to cater to every Singaporean. Whether it’s sweet or savoury, low sugar or no sugar, everyone gets a chance to eat with DiDi!

Our uniquely Singaporean flavours include flavours like Original Sweet Corn, Milo Dinosaur, Brown Sugar (for the boba lovers out there), and more. Where else can you find popcorn like these? And our cotton candy: lychee, green apple, and even a mermaid tub with three colourful flavours in one! We aim to always cater to our local audience and spread love back to those who supported us even in the early days.

That’s why we focus on making fresh gourmet popcorn in Singapore that is affordable yet tasty! Good food should be for everyone, so we focus on fusing this quality style with local cuisine to honour our roots while giving you a piece of luxury that won’t break the bank lah. There’s a big difference between gourmet and regular popcorn, and once you go lux, you won’t spend your bucks on the latter. Don’t say bojio ah!

Vision for the Future

Uncle Didi is here to stay. We aim to grow internationally, but for now, we want to focus on our dear locals. So (swee)t lah, aiyo! We want to help in bulk, and we offer event live station services that take us back to where we started, sharing joy and fun with the masses. Our stations will sell our signature popcorn and cotton candy, as well as nostalgic snacks like kacang puteh.

Breaking into the working world, we offer corporate gifts and customisable flavours for projects and campaigns. Wah big words, Uncle DiDi is moving up! Bring some joy into your workplace and gift your corporate partners with a taste of luxury.

Our sense of home still powers us. Expect more seasonal flavours from us in the future, with previous greats like our Ondeh Ondeh and Bandung gourmet popcorn. Feel free to message us on Instagram or Facebook to suggest any flavours you’d like to see from us!


Uncle DiDi has come a long way, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you (thank you ah!). From our setbacks to successes, the main constant has been our Singapore spirit, and that will never change. So if you’re ever feeling a bit hungry and unsure if you’d like hawker food or restaurant service, come to Uncle Didi!

Classic popcorn favourites such as Caramel and Salted Butter meet special, local treats like Seaweed and Sour Cream. Be bold, and pair these with our fresh cotton candy for a spread you can share with family and friends!