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Wah, if you pop this in your mouth ah, we cannot guarantee you’ll stop ok? We’ve made the classic favourite, Original Sweetcorn, AH-MAH-ZING lah – that with each pop, you’ll have a slight hint of sweetcorn. Taste familiar? Of course lor! It is like the popcorn you enjoy when you watching movies in the cinema leh!

What you waiting for? Chiong ah!



If something is a classic, we don’t mess around with it much lah. We’ve just made some minor “upgrades” to make it crunchier, and bring out the natural corn flavour that we know you love leh. We say already, we cannot guarantee you won’t stop munching on this flavour ah! Oh yeah, we also use 50% less sugar hor, so no need to worry so much lah!

At Uncle DiDi’s, we are all about bringing you flavours so shiok, you cannot stop eating! So come and check out our range of assorted flavoured popcorns – don’t say we never bojio ah! If got party, or business event, don’t forget us ok? We promise to make it happier with fresh popcorns! 

And we are now Halal Certified!


Oil, Corn Kernal and Sugar (Ingredients all Halal certified)



Fun, Medium or Jumbo?

Don’t want to share? Then buy the Fun Tub! Can eat all by yourself one, especially if you need to make your day a bit brighter, or if you feeling hungry at night and want to munch!

If you really must share ah, then don’t worry lah, because we got the Medium sized tubs. If got 2-3 people, then you choose this one, so everyone gets to enjoy. But right, if you want to whack this alone also cannnnn!

Got party? Then we say, go Jumbo! But make sure you got few of these tubs ah, because we promise you, the popcorn sure habis very fast one! Don’t say we never give warning ah!

Keep Your Popcorn Fresh

Our popcorn are packaged in airtight containers and can last up to 2 months if unopened and properly stored… but we don’t think it will be there after a few days lah!

However, if you are a bit kiasu and want to buy more to stock up, please keep them in a cool, dry place.

If open already, don’t keep so long… quickly finish it within 3 days!


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