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You like honey? We also like honey leh! So why not use honey and make popcorn with it? Specially for you, we make it crunchy-crunchy and use real honey to drizzle all over hor. It is so sedap, we bet you, you’ll keep wanting more!

Sibeh shiok leh! Don’t say bojio ah!



Ahh, that aroma of honey as you pop open this tub of freshly made Honey popcorn! Made with natural honey, we’ve popped it to crunchy perfection, with the natural sweetness you so desire. Warm and indulgent to your tastebuds, we promise you can’t go wrong with our honey-flavoured gourmet popcorn!

At Uncle DiDi’s, we are all about the flavours! Discover a range of assorted flavoured popcorn that is sure to ignite your senses! We also cater for personal and corporate events, so do reach out to our team here.

And we are now Halal Certified!


oil, corn, sugar, honey (Ingredients all Halal certified)


Contains Honey

Fun, Medium or Jumbo?

Let’s keep it personal with the Fun Tub! Perfect for those planning on not sharing or needing a little pick-me-up in the day or a case of the munchies in the evening!

Sometimes in life, we just have got to share our popcorn… but fret not! Our Medium-sized tubs are here to make sure everyone gets a fair share! Ideal to be shared between 2-3 people, or if you’d rather just finish your favourite flavour ALL by yourself, then go for it!

Our Jumbo-sized tubs are gonna be the star of any party! Perfect for sharing, just be sure you’ve got a few tubs on hand because we promise they are gonna disappear really fast! That’s how addictive our popcorn can be!

Keep Your Popcorn Fresh

Our popcorn is packaged in air-tight containers and can last up to 2 months if unopened and properly stored, though we doubt it will still be there after a few days!
However, if you are stocking up on our popcorn, please keep them in a cool, dry place.
We best recommend for opened tubs to be consumed within 3 days.


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