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Bandung Popcorn


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Wah!! Another of our favourite local drink. The Bundung… now in popcorn form. I tell you. You will love it.

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We formulate it that it really taste like bandung Even after eating it, your mouth will still linger the milk taste.

And we are now Halal Certified!


Oil, Corn, Sugar, Bandung extracts



Fun, Medium or Jumbo?

Our premium popcorns are sold in an exclusive air-tight bottle, perfect for one to two people to enjoy!

Keep Your Popcorn Fresh

Our popcorn are packaged in air-tight containers and can last up to 2 months if unopened and properly stored, though we doubt it will still be there after a few days!

However, if you are stocking up on our popcorn, please keep them in a cool, dry place.

We best recommend for opened tubs to be consumed within 3 days.


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