Pair Your Tub Of Popcorn With These Beverages

Nothing beats a relaxing day at home than cosying up on the couch, snacking on a tub of delish popcorn, and pairing it with a good drink. Since some popcorn flavours can be very jelak, we need to wash it all down every once in a while. This is where a cup of beverage can come in handy, but not all beverage tastes good with popcorn hor. Let’s say we pair milo with durian-flavoured popcorn. Eeyer. Okay lah, some people may like this combination, but most can agree that it’ll taste weird.

By all means, you’re free to chin chai and try out any popcorn flavour with the drink of your choice, but don’t come and blame us if it doesn’t go well together. However, for those who want to be abit more atas or picky with their popcorn, you’ve come to the right place. These are some of our recommended popcorn and drink pairings.

1. Sparkling juice

Paired with: Salted butter or Salted caramel

Don’t think sparkling juices are just for kids, cause it’s not. Even adults can love them, especially when you drink them with salty foods, which, in this case, is Salted Butter or Salted Caramel popcorns lah. The carbonation and sweetness of sparkling juices balance out the saltiness of these popcorn flavours nicely, and help to refresh your mouth in between. Now, you can look forward to eating more popcorn. Solid!

2. Sweet tea

Paired with: Seaweed or Spicy buffalo wings

When we say sweet tea, we mean lemon tea, green tea, peach tea, those kinds. Super duper easy to find in stores throughout Singapore, so cannot say cannot find. We recommend pairing sweet teas with Seaweed popcorn to complement its umami flavour, though barbecue popcorns, like our Spicy Buffalo Wings, can be great as well. For that extra kick, go for lemon tea to enjoy a tangy sweetness with your smoky popcorns.

3. Coffee

Paired with: Brown sugar or Double cheese

Talk about killing two birds with one stone. If you’re feeling tired, brew your cup of joe and pair it with our Brown Sugar or Double Cheese popcorns. While we’re not necessarily advocating eating popcorn for breakfast, there’s really no corright or wrong food to eat in the morning. The reason why coffee is a wonderful pairing is that its creamy and rich flavour makes for the perfect counterbalance to the toasty notes of brown sugar and cheese.

4. Chocolate

Paired with: Honey

Chocolate and honey. How can go wrong? Considering that the Christmas season is right around the corner, we can safely assume that many people are having cups of hot cocoa every now and then. Spice up your chocolate beverage with good ol’ Honey popcorn, as honey’s natural sweetness offsets the bitterness of chocolate and brings out its tartness.

5. Soda

Paired with: Sweetcorn

We’ve saved the best for last, so don’t say bojio! Honestly ah, the best popcorn and drink beverage we can think of is Original Sweetcorn and soda – be it coca-cola, sprite, Fanta, mountain dew, and more. If you were to ask us, we’d personally go for coca-cola, but everyone has different preferences. Soda is already shiok on its own, so imagine pairing it with the ever-classic sweet popcorn. Be prepared to have a food coma afterwards.


As we’ve mentioned above, there’s no right or wrong way to eat popcorn, but these drink pairings may just elevate your popcorn-eating experience to the next level. Of course, you need to have good quality popcorn on hand, and if you’re looking to buy sweet popcorn in Singapore, come to Uncle DiDi. Here, you can find all the popcorn flavours mentioned in this article, including fresh cotton candy, in our online shop, or you can come down to our stores at NEWest and Hillion Mall (sorry East-siders!). You can also find us on e-commerce platforms like Shopee and Lazada as well.