Our Sweet Surprise: Uncle DiDi’s Gula Melaka Popcorn Makeover

Life is full of little pleasures, and for us at Uncle DiDi, a significant source of joy has been our delectable gourmet popcorn. But just when we thought we had our snack routine figured out, we pulled a delightful plot twist. Let’s take a closer look at this exciting transformation!

Farewell, Brown Sugar Popcorn

Now, we know that many of you have grown up with our classic brown sugar popcorn, and it’s been your trusty sidekick during countless movie nights, gatherings, and random snack cravings. We totally get it; that sweet and crunchy combo was pure magic. But hang tight, because we are about to hit you with some sweet surprises.

Hello, Gula Melaka Popcorn!

Get ready to meet the new kid on the block—our gula melaka popcorn.

Gula melaka, also known as palm sugar, is a flavour powerhouse from Southeast Asian cuisine, famous for its rich, caramel-like flavour. Therefore, we thought, “Why not bring that amazing taste to our popcorn?” And so, we did!

Say hello to a snacking experience that’s not just ‘pop and munch’; it’s an adventure for your senses.

An Explosion of Flavour and Texture

The gula melaka popcorn is an intricate dance of flavours and textures. The popcorn itself is light and crispy, offering the perfect canvas for the gula melaka coating.

What sets it apart is the complexity of flavours—the rich sweetness of gula melaka, coupled with the subtle hint of coconut, creates a taste that’s a harmonious blend of the familiar and the exotic.

With each bite, you will find yourselves on a journey, savouring a symphony of sweet and savoury notes that leave you craving for more.

A Healthier and Eco-Friendly Choice

This switch is not just about flavours; it’s also about a healthier choice. Gula melaka is celebrated for its natural and unrefined qualities, and our version contains no artificial additives. For us, it means indulging in a delicious snack without the guilt we often associate with indulgence.

And here’s the bonus—gula melaka is as sustainable as it gets. It’s sourced from coconut palms, which makes it a renewable and eco-friendly choice.

Embracing Tradition and Innovation for Our Enjoyment

This switch from brown sugar to gula melaka popcorn is about staying true to our roots while embracing new flavours and traditions. We want you to have more variety to explore, but still with that comforting Uncle DiDi touch.

The introduction of gula melaka popcorn isn’t just variety; it’s your ticket to a culinary journey. You can explore the flavours of Southeast Asia without leaving your home—all thanks to a bag of popcorn.


Uncle DiDi’s decision to replace our classic brown sugar popcorn with the gula melaka popcorn is all about delivering snacks that light up your heart and taste buds. The next time you grab a bag of our unique and exciting popcorn flavours, it’s not just a snack; it’s a story, a tradition, and a taste that’s undeniably, irresistibly, Uncle DiDi—all made especially for you. Grab a bag of our pre-packaged popcorn in Singapore for your convenience and enjoyment today!