National Popcorn Day: Ways To Celebrate The Occasion

Just in case y’all didn’t know, National Popcorn Day is around the corner! Yes, we’re not bluffing hor. There really is an occasion to mark this carnival treat that everyone loves.

National Popcorn Day is a yearly affair that’s observed on 19th January throughout the world. Despite it not being a national holiday (if only it is lah), that doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate it in your own way. Some people may prefer to celebrate the classic way by eating popcorn, but others may want to do it a little differently. If you belong to the latter group, these are some fun ways you can commemorate National Popcorn Day.

1. Post on social media

In this day and age, we post everything and anything on social media. For those who are avid Instagram or TikTok users or simply ai swee, why not post a photo or video of your favourite popcorn snack this 19th January? You can post it in your feed or as a story, which will go away after 24 hours. However, before you do so, remember to use the hashtags – #NationalPopcornDay and #PopcornDay – to share your photo or video with other popcorn enthusiasts.

2. Participate in popcorn olympics

You might be wondering: what exactly is popcorn olympics? Well, it’s nothing too serious lah. It just means popcorn games that you can play alongside your family and friends. Some of the games we recommend are popcorn air hockey, popcorn basketball, and popcorn race.

For popcorn basketball, all you have to do is throw each popcorn into a small designated hoop to score a point. This hoop can be a rubber band or something crafted with paper, don’t need to be so zhun. On the other hand, popcorn air hockey and popcorn race are relatively similar. By using paper to blow the popcorn, these games can be easily played on the coffee or dining table.

3. Create popcorn artworks

If you are those crafty types, this activity is right up your alley. As long as you have some sewing needles and strings lying around, you can make popcorn garlands to take pictures of and boast to your friends. Eh, garlands aren’t just for Christmas or Halloween, okay? You can also search online for arts and crafts ideas involving popcorn kernels that are perfect for both adults and young children. Let your creativity run free!

4. Go on a popcorn spree

Of course, you cannot not go on a popcorn spree during National Popcorn Day. There is no better time than now to discover new, unique or weird popcorn flavours. Not trying to be hao lian here, but Uncle DiDi has some of the best and most interesting gourmet popcorn flavours in Singapore. Ever heard of Sour Cream or Brown Sugar popcorn? Well, you can find them in our online store.


As such, if you are looking to buy sweet popcorn in Singapore this National Popcorn Day, Uncle DiDi has got you covered. Aside from offering the classic salted popcorn in Singapore, we got other flavours that will make this special occasion even more special, like Spicy Tomato and Strawberry Milkshake. Since our flavours tend to change every once in a while, we recommend keeping your eyes peeled!