How Popcorn Adds Flavour to Teacher’s Day Celebrations

Teacher’s Day is just around the corner, and at Uncle DiDi, we believe it’s the perfect time to show some love and appreciation to our wonderful teachers. After all, they work tirelessly to educate the young minds of our generation responsible for shaping our future. And what better way to add some extra fun and shiokness to the celebrations than with some popcorn? Let’s explore ways you can add popcorn to your Teacher’s Day celebrations for that special touch!

Let’s look at some unique ways you can add popcorn to your Teacher’s Day celebrations!

1. The Popcorn Connection: Making Memories

Popcorn is the best sidekick for any celebration. Whenever you watch a movie, go to a pasar malam, or have a party, popcorn is never too far away. It’s the same for Teacher’s Day! Popcorn can amp up the ambience and bring everyone together.

Whether it’s a big bowl of popcorn shared among classmates and teachers, or individual popcorn bags distributed as goody bags, this humble snack has the potential to add to the happy vibes.

2. The Popcorn Bar: Many Flavours to Choose From

Set up a popcorn bar full of different popcorn flavours and toppings and be mindblown by the amount of ho jiak choices that await you. From classic sweetcorn to salted caramel or even double cheese popcorn, the number of interesting and unique flavours will undoubtedly make your mouth water. You can even have some healthy options too, like lightly salted, for the health kias!

3. Popcorn Games: Shiok Fun and Games

What’s a celebration without some games? Incorporate popcorn-themed games into your Teacher’s Day event to make it more fun and shiok. Play “Popcorn Toss” like throwing rubbish into bins, but this time, throw popcorn into buckets with different points. “Popcorn Relay” can also be a team-based race where participants carry popcorn-filled cups on a spoon without spilling.

These games will definitely foster a sense of community and friendly competition among both students and teachers. After all, who wouldn’t want a once-in-a-lifetime chance to challenge their teachers?

4. Movie Time: Lights, Camera, Popcorn!

After a whole day of celebrations, it’s time to relax with a movie and, of course, more popcorn! Put on feel-good, family-friendly films that resonate with the spirit of Teacher’s Day. Whether it’s a heartwarming tale of mentorship or an inspiring story of educators changing lives, the celebration of the dedication and hard work of teachers will surely touch your heart.


In essence, popcorn can bring that extra charm and excitement to your Teacher’s Day celebrations. It’s like a jack-of-all-trades—perfect for games, art projects, or even just for munching during snack time. But most importantly, popcorn symbolises pure joy and togetherness, celebrating those superhero teachers who are moulding the next-gen champs.

So, on this Teacher’s Day, gather ’round with your mentors and crack up the fun with some of Uncle DiDi’s pre-packaged popcorn. With a burst of flavour in every bite, it’s the perfect accompaniment to your heartfelt appreciation. Don’t miss out on checking out our unique and exciting flavours like brown sugar and seaweed for the ultimate party favour. Here’s to all you amazing educators out there, Happy Teacher’s Day!