Healthy Snacks to Nibble On While Trying to Lose Weight

Embarking on a weight loss journey doesn’t mean bidding farewell to snacks entirely. In fact, smart snacking can be a pivotal tool in achieving your weight loss goals. By choosing nutritious options that keep you satisfied and energised, you can curb cravings and prevent overeating during meals.

Let’s delve into a curated list of healthy snacks perfect for aiding weight loss.

Popcorn: The Perfect Crunch

Popcorn, when prepared the right way, is a low-calorie, whole-grain snack that’s high in fibre. Opt for air-popped popcorn to avoid excess calories from added oils or butter. Season it lightly with herbs, spices, or nutritional yeast to make your popcorn taste shiok without the guilt.

Plus, a serving of popcorn can be surprisingly filling, making it an excellent choice for satisfying cravings without derailing your weight loss efforts.

Greek Yoghurt with Fruits

Greek yoghurt is a protein-rich snack that can keep hunger at bay. Pair it with fresh berries like strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries for a dose of antioxidants and natural sweetness. The combination of protein and fibre in this snack helps stabilise blood sugar levels and promotes feelings of fullness, making it an ideal choice for weight loss.

Veggie Sticks with Hummus

Vegetables like cucumbers, celery, carrots, and bell peppers are low in calories but high in fibre and essential nutrients. Dip them in hummus for added flavour and a boost of protein. Hummus provides a satisfying creaminess while delivering healthy fats and additional protein to keep you satisfied between meals.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Eggs are a nutritional powerhouse packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Hard-boiled eggs make for a convenient and portable snack option. They’re rich in satiating protein, which can help curb cravings and reduce overall calorie intake. Enjoy them sprinkled with a pinch of salt and pepper for a simple and satisfying snack.

Apple Slices with Nut Butter

Apples are not only delicious but also rich in fibre and antioxidants. Pairing apple slices with nut butter adds a dose of protein and healthy fats, creating a well-rounded snack that keeps you energised and satisfied. As nut butter is calorie-dense, it is important to manage your portion sizes.


Edamame, or young soybeans, are a nutritious snack option that’s high in protein and fibre. They’re also a good source of vitamins and minerals, including folate, vitamin K, and iron.

Edamame can be enjoyed steamed or boiled, lightly seasoned with salt or spices for added flavour. This snack provides a satisfying crunch and helps keep hunger pangs at bay.

Cottage Cheese with Pineapple

Cottage cheese is low in fat and calories but rich in protein, making it an excellent choice for weight loss. Pineapple adds natural sweetness and a boost of vitamin C, while cottage cheese provides the protein necessary for muscle repair and maintenance.

Mixed Nuts and Seeds

A small handful of mixed nuts and seeds can provide a satisfying crunch along with a wealth of nutrients. Choose unsalted varieties, which help keep your sodium intake in check. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, and cashews are rich in healthy fats, while seeds like pumpkin and sunflower seeds add protein and fibre to the mix. This snack is perfect for satisfying hunger between meals and providing a sustained source of energy.

Rice Cakes with Avocado

Rice cakes are a light and crunchy snack that’s low in calories and easy to customise. Top them with mashed avocado for a creamy and filling treat. Avocado is rich in healthy fats and fibre, which can help keep you full and satisfied until your next meal. Add a sprinkle of sea salt or red pepper flakes for extra flavour.

Frozen Grapes

Frozen grapes are a refreshing and satisfying snack that feels like a treat. Simply wash and freeze grapes for a few hours before enjoying them. The natural sugars in grapes provide a sweet burst of flavour, while the icy texture adds a refreshing twist. Frozen grapes are low in calories and high in water content, making them a guilt-free snack option for weight loss.


When it comes to weight loss, healthy snacking can be a game-changer. By choosing nutrient-dense options like popcorn and incorporating a variety of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains, you can fuel your body with the energy it needs while shedding excess pounds. Whether you’re craving something crunchy, creamy, sweet, or savoury, there’s a healthy snack to satisfy every palate.

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