The Popcorn Gifts That You’ll Want

At Uncle DiDi’s, we are dream makers also, and we love making your event that extra bit sweeter!

Actually ah, we’ve been very blessed to be able to provide our customers with freshly made popcorn at corporate events and celebrations, and we love doing it leh. We’ve even transformed our popcorn into wedding gifts and birthday door gifts that have made so many people happy! Quite shiok right to get fresh popcorn at these parties and events? So whether it is a small or big event, you can count on us lah to provide you with the resources to make it happen!

Popcorn Gifts For Weddings, Birthdays & Celebrations

We can customise the popcorn gifts for you leh, so whether you want it in small tubs, or in a packaging, all you have to do is let us know lah. You can even send us your own selected design, or our team can create something unique for you! We promise ok, you confirm won’t be disappointed with Unce DiDi’s special touch at your events!

Corporate Gifting

Did you know hor, corporate events do not need to be so boring de! Add some fun into it with Uncle DiDi’s! No matter how corporate you are, we confirm plus chop, no executives will reject popping some freshly made popcorn while discussing business during your tea breaks or seminars! You want your logo on your corporate popcorn gifts? Can also! We will do it for you! Or if you prefer to make your executives happy with a live popcorn station, we also can do that mah! Promise ah, the aroma of freshly made popcorn will put everyone in a good mood! Easier to sign deals liddat lor!


At Uncle DiDi’s, we also provide OEM services hor. So if you’d like to add popcorn or cotton candy to your current range of products under your own label/brand, we can help you to develop and produce flavours unique to you. So lai, talk to us lah – just fill our the form below.

Excuse our Singlish, we are just being Singaporeans! We guarantee you, our team is fully capable of communicating in the proper Queen’s English, so… don’t play play hor! ;)