Best Special Occasions To Enjoy Popcorn and Cotton Candy

Popcorn and cotton candy have been childhood staples around the world for ages (what’s not to love about them lah), but have you ever thought about incorporating them into special events?

Usual finger foods like sandwiches won’t do the trick anymore. Where’s the kick sia? Your events deserve better. Lai lai, step into innovation with our gourmet options for your next catering call.

1. Weddings

Popcorn and cotton candy stations are becoming increasingly popular at weddings, offering guests a playful and nostalgic snack option. Give your weddings that “Wah!” factor that will make guests remember your special day for years to come. Every other wedding they attend will make them miss how they stuffed their faces with cotton candy and flicked popcorn at their partners at yoursPower lah!

Sweet popcorn options would be a great choice, reminiscent of your marital bliss, with Caramel and Milo Dinosaur sure to crack a few smiles. For those who love salted popcornour Salted Caramel and Salted Butter never fail to delight! Pair these crunchy snacks with our soft, fresh cotton candy. They can even act as edible decorations horh!

Who knows, maybe your wedding will start a trend of gourmet popcorn wedding plates. But we’ll know you did it first lah.

2. Birthday parties

Both popcorn and cotton candy make great treats for children’s birthday parties. They are easy to prepare, and kids love them. Cater from us and easily refill bowls for kids to pick from throughout parties. With various flavours available, try our tried-and-true options like our Caramel or Original Sweet Corn for your little ones.

Sweet doesn’t mean unhealthy. There are surprising health benefits to snacking on popcorn leh! With both savoury and sweet, low sugar and no sugar options available, rest assured that the kids attending will get a kick out of the fun treats served (maybe even without the sugar rush if you do opt for our “no sugar” options lah).

3. Graduation parties

Celebrate the graduate with some sweet and salty treats that everyone will enjoy. Popcorn and cotton candy have always been childhood favourites, and the nostalgia factor of having these at a graduation party is sure to make some eyes water leh!

Sophisticated yet fun flavours for a new graduate can include our Milo Dinosaur popcorn and Mango cotton candy. They’re an unexpected choice, but surely one that will suit a more mature palette.

4. School events

Popcorn and cotton candy can be great snacks for school events such as fairs, fundraisers, and school dances. Once again, nostalgia is big with these treats and our brand. For events with adults and children, a healthy mix of sweet and savoury popcorn (we recommend our Honey and Seaweed pairing for this one) will cater to the younger and older crowd. Pair this with our Rainbow Tub Cotton Candy, a perfect combination of sweet and sour Mango, Strawberry, and Blueberry flavours to impress the crowd.

These flavours work for both day and nighttime events, and the flavour options, especially with our gourmet popcorn, will turn some heads lah, confirm! Another benefit is that popcorn is a great party snack, easy for shareability in large groups, so no one gets left behind!

Steady ya? We’ve got you covered.

5. Teacher’s Day

Picture this horh: two tubs side by side on a teacher’s desk. One is filled with popcorn; the other is practically overflowing with fresh cotton candy fluff. The teacher looks stressed grading papers. They reach over to grab some (gourmet) popcorn, shove the handful into their mouth, and suddenly, they remember why they love teaching. Be the reason why they remember; gift them Uncle Didis gourmet popcorn and cotton candy.

Celebrate that special teacher in your life with indulgent flavours like our Brown Sugar popcorn tubs. Too sweet? You can also opt for our savoury Double Cheese and Sour Cream options. They are choices that can last them through the whole day without a sugar overload. For a touch of candied goodness, our Lychee Cotton Candy is a sibei sweet choice!

6. Children’s Day

Children’s Day is the ideal time to spread joy and fun, Uncle Didi’s enduring vision. Let your little ones indulge on their special day leh! Buying Uncle Didi’s sweet treats in bulk can feed a classroom or cohort even. Mix and match savoury popcorn with sweet cotton candy for a well-rounded mix that leaves no child behind. Our smaller snacks will get the job done for those on a stricter diet.

Do it for the kids lah!


See, Uncle DiDi is perfect for any occasion, age group, and location. The shareability and ease of preparation with popcorn and cotton candy make them great entertainment snacks. The nostalgia of these childhood classics will surely make any receiver grin in delight. Please remember leh: this isn’t any other popcorn shop horh. This is Uncle DiDi’s gourmet popcorn shop! If you’re craving new flavours, please feel free to contact us on our website to send in your suggestions.