5 Toppings To Spice Up Your Cotton Candy Treat

Even though cotton candy is already super yummy liao, we all have those days when we want to experience a sugar rush and pile on the sweetness. It’s no doubt not the healthiest lah, but we should give ourselves a treat every once in a while. As Singapore’s favourite uncle, we want you to enjoy life mindfully. Next time you get the cravings to eat this fluffy confection, you can consider putting these toppings listed below to spice up your snack.

1. Sprinkles

What desserts do not go well with sprinkles? From ice cream to cookies and, in this case, cotton candy, sprinkles are our ride-or-die sweet garnish. You can even choose from a wide variety of sprinkles, from colours and designs to shapes and sizes. However, what we love most about sprinkles is that it’s lightweight. Y’all know cotton candy does not have much weight, so if we were to pour a heavy garnish, the cotton candy might just be deflated. Liddat how can eat?

2. Cinnamon sugar

This topping may not be so common, but we can guarantee that it can elevate your cotton candy. Remember there’s a song called “Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice”? This certainly rings true, as cinnamon sugar is one of the best spices for desserts by far. As long as you don’t put too much, cinnamon’s toasty and slightly hiam (Hokkien for spicy) notes complement sweeter popcorn flavours well.

3. Powdered sugar

Powdered sugar is arguably one of the most versatile toppings in the market. Due to its soft and airy texture, you can sprinkle powdered sugar on many desserts, from brownies and in this case, cotton candy! If you are someone who really like your food to be super sweet, consider adding this. Since Christmas is around the corner, powdered sugar can also be good as it looks like snow.

4. Freeze-dried fruits

Cotton candy can also be healthy, okay? The next time you are feeling guilty about eating cotton candy, you can top it with some freeze-dried fruits to include some vitamins and minerals into your diet. Whether you want to use strawberries, blueberries, or bananas, feel free to choose a fruit of your liking lah. Don’t need to think so hard.

5. Chocolate

Similar to sprinkles, you cannot go wrong with chocolate. You can feel free to go for the expensive brands, but we honestly cannot tell the difference lah. Therefore, you dunnid to get those atas chocolate. Once the chocolate is melted, simply pour it onto your cotton candy, and ta-dah! A quick and simple dessert that’s to your heart’s content.


Pair these toppings with Uncle DiDi’s range of fresh cotton candy flavours. While we have both timeless classics and unique combinations, we can also bring your desired flavour to life. Yes yes, this is the time when you can go siao and make your imaginary flavours become a reality. Through our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services, Uncle DiDi has created personalised flavours for parties and special events. Reach out to us to learn more.

New Xmas Flavours

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